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Product Description

A concentrated liquid car wash detergent. Quick and effective soil penetration, wets, emulsifies, loosens soil, oil, dirt, and grease film, rinses quickly and easily. Can be used in warm or cold water. Leaves vehicles bright and clean with no streaks or spots. Use on painted surfaces, aluminum, stainless, glass. Does not contain phenols and phosphates. Biodegradable.

Green liquid-unscented

Where To Use

  • All vehicles

  • High foam for foam brush applications

  • Hand car wash

  • Brush and cloth automatic car wash


  • 32 ozs

  • 1 gallon

  • 5 gallon pail

  • 55 gallon drum

Directions For Use

Use only 1 -2 oz. per gallon of water(or depending on application).

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