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Product Description

Bazooka Ultra Bright Aluminum Brithghtner is super-concentrated, specially formulated aluminum cleaner/brightner for all aluminum surfaces. It contains a unique detergent blend that provides fast complete deaning/brightening of aluminum on trucks, cars, boats kitchen and other tamished aluminum products.


     -Dissolves grease grime and road film

     -Contains no muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) and sulfuric acid

     -Safety cleans and removes oxide from any surface

     -Contains corrosion inhibitors 

     -Cost effective

     -For best results use one part cleaner to 50 parts cold water

Where To Use

  • Boats

  • Trucks

  • Fiberglass

  • Wheels

  • Stainless Steel

  • Trailers


  • 32 ozs

  • 1 gallon

  • 5 gallon pail

  • 55 gallon drum


Bazooka Ultra Bright Aluminum Brightner is a safer than traditional aluminum cleaners, care must still be taken when handling this product. Be sure to wear protective equipment when using this product, including safety glasses and gloves. In case of eye contact, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Use in well ventilated area.

HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED. Do not induce vomiting, call physician immediately.

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