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Machine Shop Degreaser

¡It is a specially formulated, powerful, biodegradable degreaser for heavy equipmentPenetrates and emulsifies grease, oil, soot, dirt and grime.



Bazooka Ultra Black Shine is a durable low VOC’s, biodegradable, non-flammable water-based tire shine, flushing and engine dressing specially formulated to provide extra long-lasting high gloss with water repellent and UV protection to prevent cracks in tires, rubber moldings, hoses and a clean new look on plastics, vinyl and flat painted surfaces.

Bazooka Ultra Black Shine is a Body Shop safe- can be use in silicone sensitive environments. Thick dark gray liquid.

high foam


A concentrated liquid car wash detergent. Quick and effective soil penetration, wets, emulsifies, loosens soil, oil, dirt, and grease film, rinses quickly and easily. Can be used in warm or cold water. Leaves vehicles bright and clean with no streaks or spots. Use on painted surfaces, aluminum, stainless, glass. Does not contain phenols and phosphates. Biodegradable.



Bazooka Head Gasket & Block Ceramic Motor Sealer with Nanotechnology is scientifically formulated to permanently seal coolant leaks that are the cause of most overheating problems. Bazooka contains no solid or particulate matter, and will not clog or harm your engine. This formula contains a blend of a new generation of nano-particles that when they’re active form an ultra hard permanent ceramic coat. 

cool freeze

COOLANT (blue, green, red)

Bazooka Cool Freeze Coolant is a specially tropical formulated, that is used to reduce or regulate the temperature of a system. Reduces hot spots in the engine, reducing the possibility of engine failure. Contains inhibitors and anticorrosion agents to keep components like your radiator properly lubricated and free from corrosion. Non foaming.Red, green & blue liquid.


COOLANT (green, red)

Bazooka is a specially tropical formulated ethylene glycol based coolant that provides corrosion protection of all cooling system metals and components. Incorporates nitrite to provide wet sleeve liner protection against cavitation. Bazooka works in ALL heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engine cooling systems with extreme protection against freezing and boil over. Red or Green liquid.



This concentrated biodegradable liquid breaks the bond between the dirt and the surface being cleaned. Instantly cleans interiors and eliminates mildew odors from fish boxes. It removes salt and dirt from boats, watercrafts, fishing tackle, trailers and trucks. No solvents, no phosphates, no acids, no butyls, no caustics, no phenols.



It is a specially formulated, powerful, biodegradable degreaser for heavy equipment. Penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil, soot, dirt and grime. It removes any residue on diesel engine blocks or parts only spraying or dipping it for a few minutes. It is an unscented blue liquid.

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