Product Description

Bazooka Bilge Cleaner is a concentrated biodegradable liquid that cleans your bilge and leave sweet smell of citrus. Cleans a deodorizes bilges without phosphates, acids, butyls, petroleum distillates or other harmful components. Removes greases, oil, fuel, scum and sludge. Will not harm fiberglass, rubber hoses, wiring metal or plastic.

Blue liquid citrus scent.

Where To Use

  • Boats

  • Watercraft

  • Trailers


  • 32oz

  • 1 gal

  • 5 gallon pail

  • 55 gallon drum


Directions For Use

Add to bilge water at rate of General cleaning: 3 oz. per gallon of water (to wash mls per meter of boat ( medium size boat). Meters boat = 1 liter of concentrate).The natural of motion of the boat will allow the solution to self clean. When oil, fuel, etc. has been removes, drain the boat and rinse. Alternatively if bilge is empty, clean manually with
solution of 1 :10 with water.