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Bazooka Products are manufactured by Chemical Solutions LLC. Bazooka has an extensive range of technologically advanced products, which have been specifically targeted to meet the needs of the marine, automotive and industrial workshop.

Our products have the highest quality standards, neutralizes the action of external agents that generate corrosion and oxidation, they do not decompose into toxic substances and are biodegradable. Our high performance anticorrosion technology is the best in rust prevention and corrosion management. Also our products based on innovative achievements of nanotechnology guaranties highest performance. We strongly believe in providing high quality products, which are safe for you and for the environment as well. We offer complete protection for your equipment to ensure they last longer. Our innovative team continuously develops new and improved products to help you do your job faster, easier and safer.

Bazooka Products are made of proprietary chemical formulations that are non-toxic, non reactive, non flammable and non allergenic. All our options are 100% biodegradable.


Our research and development laboratories offer premium technology services to clients based on intensive research and experiments with new and upcoming technologies.


We manufacture private labels products. Our team can offer formulation consultation, raw materials, and packaging choices.  If you are interested in private label chemical manufacturing, contact us today!

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